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Dunstone Primary School

Dunstone Primary School

EYFS - Willow

Welcome to Willow Class!  Our teachers are Miss Lyon and Mrs Sluman. 

March 2018 - Willow class went and joined Rowan Class (Year 1) for shared read this morning. It was lovely to hear the Rowan children reading so confidently our class.


March 2018 - As part of science week we had a visit from a scientist (Ms Lyon in a white coat) and we enjoyed doing lots of investigating inside the classroom and outdoors!


March 2018 - we have been been using our new estimating skills in maths  to guess how many items would fit in the scoops. 


March 2018 - We were really lucky in Willow to have a visit from a real nurse! 


March 2018 - we have been learning all about mixing colours together. 



Feb 2018 - Today's challenge was to find a friend, chat and decide on what you want to perform, practice the performance and then announce and perform to an audience.


Feb 2018 - Today's challenge was to find a friend, chat and decide on what you want to perform, practice the performance and then announce and perform to an audience.


Jan 2018 -  Today we selected a teen number out the bag - counted the numicon, then located on the tuff tray and squirted the number off with the water pistols!



Jan 2018 - It was decided that following the gingerbread entering the class and the class going out to find clues, that  the children wanted to build a trap to trap the gingerbread men so they could see them and make friends with them.


Jan 2018 - After all our hard work we got to decorate our gingerbread men with icing and sweet treats!


Jan 2018 - Great concentration and careful skills cutting out gingerbread men. We used these templates to design our gingerbread men.


Jan 2018 - The children discovered a basket in the willow class - "make me" it read. We explored what was inside, flour, sugar, syrup... what can it be .... then a cutter shaped like a little person ... gingerbread men!


Jan 2018 - The children worked together to create a pirate ship - Ahoy me hearties!


Jan 2018 - Creating a delicious lunch for the teachers!


Dec 2017 - Today we all put on our christmas clothes for Festive Friday to raise money for St Luke's Hospice.


Dec 2017  - Ice was in our tough tray outside and we were investigating how to melt it, what could we use? What do we need?


Dec 2017 - Today the girls planted some daffodil bulbs and now are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spring!


Dec 2017 - Willow are busy knocking over two cans on the decking and writing their numbers on the board for number recognition - we even added up some of the totals!


Dec 2017 - The Willow shop is open for business on the decking including money in the till and the purses, all ready for the shopping to begin!


Nov 2017 - We had great fun in Willow class today acting out the bear hunt story in the woods.


Nov 2017 - In willow we love matching words and pictures!


Nov 2017 - Willow have had fun planting tulip bulbs outside.


Nov 2017 - Today we practised using scissors to create our 'cow jumping over the moon' craft to celebrate world nursery rhyme week.


Nov 2017 - After reading the book Pumpkin Soup we made some soup by chopping onions and pumpkin. 


Nov 2017 - Once it was cooked we all got to try the pumpkin soup!


Oct 2017 - Choosing ingredients and making our magic potions on the decking. 


Oct 2017 - Exploring and investigating a pumpkin!


Oct 2017 - Willow's very own weathergirl.


Oct 2017 - Learning our numbers up to 10 using giant numicon.


Sept 2017 - Tending the strawberries in the garden.


Sept 2017 - Eating at the Willow Cafe!


Sept 2017 - Performing live on the Willow stage!