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Dunstone Primary School

Dunstone Primary School

YEAR 6 - Oak

Welcome to Oak Class!  Our teacher is Mr Oaten.

June 2018 - A lovely start to this term's DT unit: Programming Adventures. We used the Bee-Bots to explore programming floor robots. 


June 2018 - Blood! What's it made up of? We made blood using different foods to represent the different parts: white blood cells / red blood cells /platelets and plasma. Ask us what jobs they all do!

May 2018 - We're going to be writing our own 'Just So' stories, so we have started with 'How the camel acquired his hump'! Today's lesson was about trying to learn the fable using story mapping to stimulate memory.


March 2018 - Year 6 have been making ‘marbulous structures’ in our DT this term and we took them down to Year 1 to test! 


March 2018 - In year 6 we have started our DT project to learn how to create marble runs. 


Jan 2018 - Today we had an action packed adventure at Plymstock School!  Fire in science, cooking cakes, and basketball on a full size court. 


Jan 2018 - Greek day was fascinating. We were captivated by the stories our 3000 year old visitor told us about their lives and the battles a Hoplite (Greek soldier) fought.


Jan 2018 - Back in to the swing of our Maths learning yesterday. We are getting to grips with decimals literally!

Dec 2017 - Our letters to Prince Charles about plastic pollution are complete! Oak class were like 'writing ninjas' this afternoon: calm, focused and working hard.


Nov 2017 - Djembe drumming on a Friday afternoon with Mr Keats - an amazing opportunity!


Nov 2017 - Consolidating our knowledge of Brazil. In Oak deforestation and endangered species are important to us. 


Sept 2017 - Parts of the body have all fallen out! Ask Oak what all the organs do!  #wheredoallthebitsgo


Sept 2017 - Looking at life cycles in science using plasticine.


Sept 2017 - Yoga Sessions on a Friday afternoon. #relaxed.


Sept 2017 - Getting back to basics of place value by comparing 8 digit numbers! Great for visual learners and working towards mastery of maths!