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Dunstone Primary School

Dunstone Primary School

Year 1 - Rowan

Welcome to Rowan Class! Our teachers are Mrs Thomas and Mrs Stewart.

Jan 2018 - We have been continuing our learning about colours this afternoon and have been mixing primary colours to make secondary ones. It was a bit messy!!


Jan 2018 - We have had Gymnastics. We have learnt how to move the mats and benches safely, lifting and bending carefully!


Jan 2018 - Rowan Class have been looking at primary colours and creating works in the style of Mondrian.


Jan 2018 - Our bread creations with the help of Lee the baker from Warburtons!


Jan 2018 - Rowan's very own mini-bakers!


Jan 2018 - Today we have been looking at the similarities and differences between firemen in 1666 and 2018 as part of our new topic on the Fire of London.


Jan 2018 - We started the new year writing our own learning resolutions.


Nov 2017 - Raising money for children in need was so much fun!


Nov 2017 - Can you guess which sound we have been learning and using in our phonics lesson?


Nov 2017 - We spent time describing and sorting 3d shapes.


Nov 2017 - We enjoyed our Going On A Bear Hunt Yoga!


Nov 2017 - We really enjoyed the challenge of putting the non-fiction text back together again!


Nov 2017 - A great multi-skills session. 


Oct 2017 - In maths we created a human number sentence!


Oct 2017 - We were very excited for our lesson in the computer suite. We logged onto the computers all by ourselves and then drew dragon eggs as part of our English learning. It was fun!


Oct 2017 - We have drawn self-portraits. We followed instructions to get all the features in the right places! Can you spot your child?
Sept 2017 - In RE we enjoyed sharing our special objects with our friends.


Sept 2017 - Searching the grounds for natural objects to use in our art lesson.


Sept 2017 - Creating natural art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy in groups.