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Dunstone Primary School

Dunstone Primary School

Year 2 - Elm

Welcome to Elm Class! Our teachers are Mrs Archer and Miss Gardner.

May 2018 - Sycamore class came to visit this morning and shared their stories.It was a really lovely session. Elm class enjoyed their lovely writing and story telling.


May 2018 - Being creative as we prepare to celebrate the Royal Wedding in Elm Class.


May 2018 - We had great fun in Elm using the photo booth props to celebrate the Royal Wedding!


May 2018 - We had great fun dabbing today to indicate which answers were correct in maths. We were actually learning about money and comparing the value of coins!


April 2018 - In assembly we learnt about the important work done by Devon Air Ambulance.



April 2018 - Maths was outside today. We were learning about volume and capacity by comparing different containers. We placed them in order of capacity.


April 2018 - We have been helping each other to measure accurately. Lots of understanding others. It has been a really lovely day, measuring indoors and outdoors.


March 2018 - We are so proud of our stories we have written.


March 2018 - At the end of our gymnastics lesson, we did the ‘Daley’ challengefor sport relief week. The whole class had a go at hula hooping!


March 2018 - In RE we were acting out Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Please suspend your disbelief, Joseph is riding on a donkey as the crowd wave their palm leaves! It certainly captured the excitement of the occasion.


March 2018 - Then we took our magic pencils around the school to see who or what we might meet. When we got back to class, we had lots of ideas for our writing.


March 2018 - Our class book for the day was Bear’s Magic Pencil. This is us making our own magic pencils.


March 2018 - We have really enjoyed World Book Day. The day started with us sharing our favourite books and extreme reading pictures. The children brought in a real variety of books.


Feb 2018 - The day the snow came to Dunstone! 


Feb 2018 - Today we worked really hard writing our own versions of the Gruffalo's child story.



Feb 2018 - After watching the story we pretended to be some of the characters from the story.


Feb 2018 - In class we have been watching the Gruffalo's child story.


Feb 2018 - In Elm we were painting concentric circles in the style of Kandinsky. The bold colours were really effective!
Feb 2018 - Today we created pictures depicting the Great Fire of London and played an interactive game.


Feb 2018 - We have been finding different ways to represent multiplication problems. Look at all the ways we found to show 6 lots of 3!


Jan 2018  It was lovely to see so many parents and family members supporting the children during our assembly. 


Jan 2018 -  More assembly photos.


Jan 2018 - We are so proud of all of the children for their wonderful assembly today. It was lovely to see so many parents/family memberssupporting. 



Jan 2018 - Putting out the fire on Pudding Lane was hard work this afternoon. We also found out many facts about the Great Fire of London.


Jan 2018 -  Here’s a demonstration of the stop, drop and roll method if your clothes are on fire.


Jan 2018 - We had a visit from Warburtons and got make our own bread!


Jan 2018 - We have displayed some of our facts about the fire on flames.


Jan 2018 -  We were phoning the Dino Dinners telephone glossary to discover the meaning of new vocabulary.
Jan 2018 - This afternoon we watched the C beebies prom to see people leading music. We thought about what skills are needed to be a good leader and follower.


Dec 2017 - Elm class joined the rest of the school to decorate our school tree with homemade decorations.


Dec 2017 - In Elm we have been looking at the different types of British coins in our maths lessons.


Nov 2017 - “To add detail, you must see detail.” We looked very carefully at some natural objects then we described them using interesting adjectives, to make expanded noun phrases. 


Nov 2017 - Today we used a conscience alley. Children took the role of the man on the moon and the other children whispered what they wanted to ask him! This gave them some great ideas when they were asked to write a letter to the man on the moon :-)


Nov 2017 - Today we have been investigating adding 20.


Nov 2017 - Elm have been working together to make poppies for our Dunstone poppy wave.


Nov 2017 - We really enjoyed our yoga session today. 



Oct 2017 - Composing our own accompaniment with Mrs Stickley in our music lesson. 


Oct 2017 - Advertising ourselves as good friends in PHSE. 


Sept 2017 - Sorting pictures from the four seasons. 


Sept 2017 - Creating natural art sculptures inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.