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Dunstone Primary School

Dunstone Primary School

Year 3 - Beech

Welcome to Beech Class! Our teacher is Mrs Bateson.

June 2018 - In the RNLI shop we got to see a real life rescue of a dog whilst sitting in one of their boats!


June 2018 - We had great discussions together looking across the harbour.


June 2018 - We have been learning about rivers and we were very lucky to have a boat trip from Totnes to Dartmouth for our school trip!


June 2018 - In Beech we have been creating sensory boxes - they were created to stimulate sight, touch and smell!


June 2018 - In English we have been spotting the features of a newspaper report with our talking partners.


May 2018 - Today we went down to Year 1 to share our stories we had written with them. It was great fun!


May 2018 - Beech Class are very happy with their latest whole class heatmap showing their times tables - it is getter greener each week!


May 2018 - Today we had a right royal photo booth experience!


May 2018 - We enjoyed a whole day being creative and celebrating the Royal Wedding.


May 2018 - Thank you to Terry from South West Water for showing us a filtering experiment and telling us interesting facts. We also liked our goodie bags.


May 2018 - We have been using resources to understand fractions in maths.


May 2018 - We really enjoyed our English session with visiting students from Marjon.


May 2018 - In Science we have been learning about the effect of friction on different materials.


May 2018 - As part of our topic on Rivers we have created water cycles in a bag on our classroom window!



April 2018 - This term we are looking at measurement. We did an experiment yesterday to see if we were square - is our arm span the same as our height like Leonardo DA Vinci said? We then collated our data on a chart.


March 2018 - Finishing the term with our fingerprint Easter card creations!


March 2018 - Enjoying a trip to the church to celebrate our Easter assembly.


March 2018 - Proud of our juggling balls we made!


March 2018 - Perfecting our tie dye technique in DT!


March 2018 - Fun inside the science dome learning about planets. 


March 2018 - Some survived, some were not so lucky!


March 2018 - Launching our “Eggstronauts” back to earth!


March 2018 - Science Day - Beech mission control designing capsules and protection for our “ Eggstronauts”.


March 2018 - Learning animation linked to our World Book Day Book, Journey by Aaron Becker.


March 2018 - Some extreme snow reading!


March 2018 - Playing spanish snakes and ladders learning our animals and numbers.


March 2018 - Looking at reflective surfaces in Science.


Feb 2018 - Snow finally arrived in Plymouth!


Feb 2018 - We have worked hard on our class assembly to show to the whole school and our families.


Feb 2018 - In music we have been busy composing our own Anglo-saxon themed music.
Feb 2018 - In science we have been learning all about light sources.


Feb 2018 - In maths we have been using resources to do division with remainders!


Jan 2018 - In maths we have been learning multiplication, and working hard on presentation in our books.


Jan 2018 - We are very excited that our clay kites have returned from being glazed...nearly finished!


Jan 2018 - Learning about the Anglo Saxons in class.


Jan 2018 - We had great fun dressing up as Anglo Saxons!


Jan 2018 - We have started to learn about Anglo Saxons and today we wrote our names in runes!


Dec 2017 - Today we got creative with pine cones and a hot glue gun to create our Christmas Elves. They were all very unique!


Dec 2017 - We spent a term in DT learning about all about levers, and finished off creating our own moving cards!


Dec 2017 - In Beech we made reindeer hats for our Christmas lunch using handprints for the antlers!


Dec 2017 - Beech joined the rest of the school to decorate the Christmas tree with our homemade decorations.


Dec 2017 - In Science we havebeen constructing a human skeleton and naming the various bones.


Nov 2017 - We had an amazing gymnastics lesson showing off our skills on the apparatus.


Nov 2017 - We loved doing our bservational drawing of feathers in Art.


Nov 2017 - We used our drama skills to do freeze frames for the different pages of our class book about Grendel. 


Oct 2017 - As part of Global Arts Day we created chinese kites which resemble fish. We got very sticky putting all the scales on but it was great fun!


Oct 2017 - As part of Global Arts Day we created kites from clay!


Oct 2017 - Investigating whether cress grows without light and water. 


Oct 2017 - We worked hard designing houses using shapes just like Le Corbusier!



Oct 2017 - In Beech we are working hard on presentation in our maths lessons. 


Sept 2017 - Have you ever wondered how difficult it was to paint the Sistine Chapel?  We thought we’d have a go!
Sept 2017 - In science we are learning about Plants. We have also been working hard on pressentation.


Sept 2017 - In Beech we started the year setting goals for ourselves.