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Dunstone Primary School

Dunstone Primary School

Year 4 - Sycamore

Welcome to Sycamore Class!  Our teacher is Miss Harmsworth. 

March 2018 - We have had a very busy last day sewing up our juggling balls. The children have worked extremely hard making their own and helping others too.


March 2018 - Busy musicians at work...In music this morning, we have been composing. The children used glockenspiels to decide what they wanted their melodies to sound like.


March 2018 - We made EGGonauts and did an EGGperiment to see whether it would survive. It went EGGcellently.


March 2018 - As part of Science Week we spent some time in the ICT Suite researching the planets in our solar system. 


March 2018 - We have been talking about what our names mean and why we were given them while studying Islam naming ceremonies in RE. 


March 2018 - creating our own magic pencil stories as part of world book day.



Feb 2018 - Having lots of fun at Dunstone the day the snow came!


Feb 2018 - Today we tested our paper planes and discussed air resistance and how to make something aerodynamic. Here we are testing them in the hall.


Feb 2018 - We had a variety of 'beasts' that we felt we needed to overcome as a class. Here are some of our anxious / nervous beasts and our top tips on how to defeat them.
Feb 2018 - We built our 'emotional intelligence' today with a fun video about how our emotions can be very powerful!


Feb 2018 - In our music lesson we worked in groups to plan our compositions based on Anglo-Saxon gods.


Feb 2018 - Today in Art we made a maquette which is a model that will be made in the future. Can you spot your child? Can you find MissHarmsworth?


Jan 2018 - We had a great Saxon day. Well done to Sycamore for being such fantastic listeners.


Jan 2018 - In Sycamore we have been learning about Islam and how muslims pray. We designed our own prayer mats.


Jan 2018 - Want to know how the Saxons first came to 'Angle-land'? This is how (with a bit of artistic license... spot the computer!) The children completed comic strips to show their learning today


Dec 2017 - Today we joined the rest of the school to decorate the Christmas tree with our amazing homemade decorations!


Dec 2017 - Plymouth High School for girls visited us to do a PE session with the class.


Nov 2017 - This afternoon we have been learning about endangered animals and the affects that humans can have on the environment. 
Nov 2017 - In science we have been classifying different types of vertebrates. 


Oct 2017 - We have been doing lots of work on kites as part of a Global Arts Day. 
Oct 2017 - we also designed and made kites from clay!


15th September 2017 - meet Sycamore's School Councillors


14th September 2017 - using maths resources to show place value.


18th September 2017 - Freeze frames in English.