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Dunstone Primary School

Dunstone Primary School

Year 5 - Ash

Welcome to Ash Class!  Our teacher is Mr Edwards.

June 2018 - The World Cup has come to Ash Class! All pupils have randomly selected a country to follow through the tournament.


May 2018 - In maths we have been learning how to use a protractor to measure angles accurately.


May 2018 - Its not easy with six pupils, six rackets and six balls trying to move in one direction.


May 2018 - We visited Plymstock School to learn ball skills and co-ordination.


May 2018 - Today we had some special visitors on the eve of their wedding!
May 2018 - We have been reading the story of Beowulf. Part of understanding the storyline is to act out key scenes. Here is our 'comic strip' version of Beowulf.


May 2018 - Today was our turn to do a class assembly in front of the school and our parents came to watch too.


April 2018 - In Ash we are very proud of our cross country runners.


March 2018  Doing our bit for Sports Relief 2018!



March 2018 - We enjoyed a visit inside the science dome planetarium to discover possible destinations for our rockets!


March 2018 - Time for blast off in the playground to see which one would travel the furthest.


March 2018 - as part of Science Week we created space rockets. NASA would have been proud!


March 2018 - Designing and creating building structures with spaghetti!


Feb 2018 - The day the snow came to Dunstone!


Feb 2018 - Continuing our art topic, we have been busy creating mosaic turtles.


Jan 2018 - Our finished fish printing.


Jan 2018 - Getting very creative with our fish prints!


Jan 2018 - Preparing our Sea Backgrounds


Jan 2018 - Preparing our Sea Backgrounds


Jan 2018 - The hoplite was looking for volunteers to join his army...


Jan 2018 - Designing our own Greek hoplon (shield).


Jan 2018 - Designing our own Greek hoplon (shield).


Jan 2018 - Ash Class with Steve Manning at the end of our Greek Day.


Dec 2017 - Here is the tray with all our wonderful Christmas Tree creatons on it


Dec 2017 - We used pine cones to create our own miniature Christmas trees! It needed lots of concentration.


Dec 2017 - A fine example of Year 5 millinery! Ash class designed and created Elf-Ear Hats for our Christmas lunch.


Dec 2017 - Some great examples of our work in English as our Poetry segment 'A Walk In the Woods' closed.


Nov 2017 - Learning the recorder in music with Mrs Stickley.


Nov 2017 -  Group work creating diversity posters.


Nov 2017 - Our theme needed to be one world, one people, one class for our diversity posters.


Nov 2017 - When designing our diversity posters every symbol or drawing had to have a meaning.


Nov 2017 - In art we started with our own design ideas before adding bright, contrasting paints.


Nov 2017 - We recreated images linked to the Aztec sun god, Huitzilopochtli.
Nov 2017 - Our art has a topical theme, recreating symbols linked to Central America.
Oct 2017 - As part of National Poetry Day we wrote poems based on freedom.


Oct 2017 - We enjoyed doing this practical dissection of our plants!


Oct 2017 - Investigating and Dissecting flowers


Oct 2017 - Having discussion in Spanish!


Oct 2017 - Creating abstract art.


Oct 2017 - Carefully taking plant cuttings in science.


Oct 2017 - Working together to take cuttings in Science.


Oct 2017 - Potting up some plant cuttings in Science.