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Dunstone Primary School

Dunstone Primary School

Children's Wellbeing Champion

Hi my name is Adele Gibson and I am the Children's Wellbeing Champion at Dunstone Primary School. 

I work directly with children and parents in a non-judgemental way empowering them and their families to get the most out of the educational opportunities and support services available.

As the Children’s Wellbeing Champion I am available to work with all children and families across the school providing preventative and early intervention activities through support groups and nurture sessions.

I am here to support parents of children with early signs of social, emotional, health or behaviour issues, and work with them, school staff and other support agencies to prevent problems interfering with a child’s ability to engage with school and learning. If you have a concern you wish to discuss, appointments can be made by contacting the school office or please catch me on the gate in the mornings.

As part of my role I am one of the Designated Safeguarding Officers for our school and it is my responsibility to ensure the safeguarding of all children in school, therefore I work closely with Education Welfare and our school’s attendance administrator to maintain full and regular attendance of all children.

I understand the challenges and responsibilities as parents raising children and I would like to encourage good relations and effective communication between parents and teachers, therefore I am here to support all families to ensure continual engagement with school and learning.

23rd March 2020 

If you are struggling to provide for your family during this coronavirus outbreak and need help please contact   

At the bottom of the page you will also see details of food banks in neighbouring areas supplied by Plymouth City Council.

17th April 2020

I have today received these links from the Naval Families Support which may be of help to our naval families.

17th July 2020 - Helpful  Links and Information

Here are a couple of links parents might find useful:

SEND Newsletter. At Plymouth Information, Advice and Support for SEND we regularly receive lots of useful and interesting information that is highly relevant to parents.