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Morley Meadow Primary School

Morley Meadow Primary School

School Council

The School Council is designed to give children some ownership of the issues that are important to them in their school.

Two children in each class are chosen by their classmates to represent their views on how to make the school an even better place in which to be educated.  This will be carried out twice this year, once in September and again in January.

As members of the School Council the children commit to the following:

  • I come to school regularly and on time.
  • I am a good role model to other pupils.
  • I will be able to attend the meetings.
  • I try my best every day.
  • I show respect to everyone around me.
  • I take responsibility for my actions.
  • I am proud of our school and want to make it even better.

Children meet regularly with Mrs Stickley to discuss ways forward and to explain reasons behind certain courses of action.  This is a vital element in our PHSE Citizenship Programme.  

Here are some of our recent activities:

3rd February 2022

The newly elected School Council representatives from each class met with Mrs Stickley to decide which rules could be broken by the children in our forthcoming "Break The Rules" Friday to take place on Friday 18th February (the last day of term) to raise funds for the school. 


1st-11th November 2021 

The class school council reps were responsible for selling poppies and remembrance merchandise to their classmates in the run-up to our Remembrance Service at 11am on 11th November.


19th October 2021- Rainbow MUFTI

The School Council organised a rainbow MUFTI on the last day of term to raise funds for the Children's Ward at Derriford Hospital.  They also decorated iced biscuits with rainbow sprinkles that they sold at breaktime.


13th October 2021 - Plymouth Food Bank

The School Council went with Mrs Gibson to the Plymouth Food Bank with our harvest donations. Whilst they were there, they were lucky enough to receive a tour of the Food Bank and found out about what goes into the food parcels that are donated to those families most in need of their support. On their return, they were really keen to share what they had learned.

“At Morley Meadow, we donated close to 1,000kg of food to the Food Bank this year.”
“Even though the shelves were stacked, the food that was there would only last a month.”
“Last year, the Food Bank served over 1,000 families in Plymouth.”
“It isn’t just food that people need, they also need toiletries, nappies and basic supplies.”
“The Food Bank receives lots of donations at Harvest time and at Christmas but for the rest of the year, there are not as many donations, so the staff struggle to serve all the families that need help.”
The staff at the Food Bank were very grateful for all the donations that you made.


27th April 2021 - New Class Names

The School Council were tasked with choosing the new names for the classes at Morley Meadow based on meadow flowers, mini beasts, birds and animals.  A list of suggestions were created, and the School Council members then took these back to their class where they chose from the options which name they would like for their new class in September.

Here are the results...

Foundation - Snowdrops

Year 1 - Butterflies

Year 2 - Ladybirds

Year 3 - Goldfinches

Year 4 - Woodpeckers

Year 5 - Foxes

Year 6 - Otters


28th February 2020 - Naming of the New School

The School Council were very excited to share the ideas that the children had generated regarding the name of our new school which will be relocated to the Saltram Meadow site.  The School Councillors carried out their polls in their classes and then met with our Chair of Governors to discuss the outcome and consider the geographical and historical links with our new school.

As a result of the discussions, the School Council are pleased to announce that the unanimous decision is...

                  Morley Meadow Primary